We provide UCW IoT Cloud where you can run multiple instances of the UCW Platform for needs of your projects. You can start by registering here and get access to the IoT platform with unique functionality. To learn more check out the UCW Platform overview.

Getting started

Welcome to the UCW developer community! This page provides some resources which may help you get started developing for UCW Platform.

A great way to get acquainted with the UCW platform is to try a few of our hands-on tutorials.

UCW Platform

Links in this section provides basic information about UCW Platform. Go through them to understand how the platform works and what its basic building blocks are.

Plugins for UCW

This section provides multiple tutorials which help you to get started with developing UCW plugins. Both artificial and real use cases are used to provide a better understanding of particular components of the UCW Platform.

User Guide

You can also visit our Getting Started User Guide to get an idea how to work with the application as a user.